“Lollipop – Officially Entertaining People Since 2006″ – Located in the heart of Tirana, in the Blloku Area, the venue has a capacity of at least 500 people or approximately 350 square meters. The Club’s history begins when its doors open for the first time to the Albanian clubbing crowd in December 2006, since that time our aim and goal has been to bring the clubbing culture in constant appreciated musical directions in our country, and we can proudly say it out loud that we accomplished our mission. LOLLIPOP has established itself as an international brand in the music’s cultural horizons. In the past 6 years some of the industries leading producers and DJs have had the chance to perform at Lollipop club. Besides all that, Lollipop has Raised the benchmarks of clubbing culture in Albania with literally the best events/sound/visual/flyer designs, leaving nothing less than unforgettable memories to its audience, hence it has become the icon ofTirana’s nightlife. Lastly we can give a short description of everything written above with the following statement: “LOLLIPOP – OFFICIALLY ENTERTAINING PEOPLE SINCE 2006″ – Because the essence of what we give to our audience is Entertainment


We are an Albanian company, situated on the most prestigious Shopping Centers in Tirana, offering food and beverages. The company was established in the 2006 with the passion and experience of a wide team, which has been increased year by year. The company has in total a number of 150 employees, with a total turnover of €3,400,000, located in an 1,350 sq.m area.