Nazar Beach

Boho Style architecture, premium and elegant atmosphere, beach lounge tunes, International know-how in management, high quality service and signature cocktails, are the attributes that differentiate Nazar Beach from all the rest in Albania.

Concepted completely differently from the bars and restaurants of the Albanian Riviera, where class and elegance in service delivery reach the highest levels and the sunset is so magical almost surreal, is located Nazar Beach, very famous now for everyone. Not only famous, but without question it can be said that Nazar Beach has become the ideal destination for all those who love the beautiful south of Albania and who are looking for the elite level, magical emotions and an experience totally different from the the usual.

Inspired by nature and in perfect harmony with it, as well as in order to provide maximum comfort and positive energies for vacationers, in Nazar Beach there is a perfect combination of natural elements such as wood, straw and the use of warm earth colors. Also the ideal combination of tall trees, palm trees and low Mediterranean vegetation, create a very warm exotic atmosphere and make you feel incredibly pampered and part of a completely different world.


Nazar 1