Inspired by passion to always bring innovation and make a difference in the restoration industry. Several years of experience in the service industry, helped us to work on a new innovative concept, combining elements of tradition and modernity, to bring them back with a new spirit at Ulliri Restaurant. Behind every detail is hidden a story and behind them stand a great work of a staff with several years of experience, who have who have managed to bring to you a rich menu of dishes, which became your favorites for a short time. Not only a steak house, where you can enjoy some of the most famous meats in all the world, prepared with delicacy by our chef, but also the pizza menu will bring in your mind the Neapolitan tradition.  To continue with fresh and a lot of variety of pastas; the processing of seasonal products, as well as delicious traditional sweets. Everything selected with love and dedication, to offer you the best culinary experience in our restaurant. The passion for the work we do inspires us to serve you every day with standard and dedication.