Yamato 7

Yamato Tirana

Located in the Ish-Bllok area, Yamato is the first restaurant that brought to Albania an Asian food as popular as sushi.
With a strategic location in one of the busiest areas in the capital, Yamato brought Japanese cuisine to Tirana for the first time along with chef Ronnie, the only indigenous chef of Japanese cuisine in the country. Since June 2008, Yamato has been a major player in Japanese restaurants operating in the capital. Always distinguished for the maximum quality of the selected products, the fantastic menu where you can try some of the typical Japanese food and enjoy all kinds of sushi, Yamato always remains one of your favorite places.
Having quality and standard as the keywords of his work, Yamato always maintains its good name and the selected clientele.
Soon, Yamato will have another location, coming up with a new and full of innovation concept.

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